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Have you heard of propolis? Have you heard about all the claims that this substance can cure a lot of diseases currently suffered by many people in the modern world. Do you know anything about it at all?
This article will equip you with the truth about propolis in only 5 short minutes.
What Is Propolis?
To make things simple, you can think of propolis as bee's medicine. If we use all sorts of drugs for our ailment, bees use propolis for theirs. The only difference is bees took propolis from trees and use it as an internal coat for their hives. Once their bodies brush against the hive's wall, they become immunized and sterilized.
Why Do People Use Propolis?
Actually people have been using propolis not only as a way of treatment but also for their daily lives. In Africa, it is used as to patch holes in boats or roofs. Master violin makers have also used it as a sort of varnish for their premium violins.
However, one of the most famous use of propolis is as medicine. It is used to treat all sorts of medical condition up to the stage propolis is hailed as some sort of wonder drug.
The truth is, propolis extract is an effective substance against viruses, germs and bacteria. However that does not mean it can cure all health problems as many propolis loyalist would suggest.
Does It Work?
At the moment, we can safely say yes, it works. However, it has only been shown and proven effective as a dental treatment and to improve body's immune system.
Studies have also been done on the effect of propolis on cancer, fertility, HIV and as a complement to antibiotics. Although the results have been promising, the number of studies done on the subject is too small to suggest a direct positive relationship of propolis and the diseases being studied.
Who Should Use Propolis?
Propolis is a safe substance for most people. Those who are looking for a safe substance to improve their immune system should try propolis as a natural alternative to modern drugs.
However, one should always consult a doctor before using this bee substance. The reason is simple - allergies.
Some people may be allergic to propolis and other bee products. The best bet is to consult your doctor and check if you are allergic against it. Failure to do so will result in swollen faces, rashes and other unwanted side effects.
Where Can You Find More Information.
The best source of information are medical journals. These are the best, unbiased and most trusted source you could ever find on propolis. In the internet, I would suggest you go to Google Scholar to find such papers.
I urge you to get more knowledge from the Idiot's Guide to Propolis. It's full of information on propolis side effects, propolis benefits and also outline propolis' use throughout history. Drop by and check it for yourself. It's all FREE!


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Propolis or bee medicine was a medical rage in the last few years. Some people claimed that it does wonders but others believe it is just another snake oil's medicine used by some con men to trick the public.
The problem about propolis is information. The amount of reliable information on the subject is so scarce it is so hard to judge whether the substance is worth your money or not.
This article will try to help you find the truth about propolis benefits. It will try to answer the big question. Does it have any medical benefits?
The most reliable piece of information would be medical literature. So let's skip books, magazine articles and newspaper reports. Let us go straight to the most important, trustworthy source of information on the subject - medical journals.
Upon checking some medical literature, it is not hard to see that propolis seemed to be an important subject only in certain parts of the world. Most research done are from China, Brazil, Middle East and Russia. The number of medical journals on propolis by Western researchers are incomparable to the other parts of the world.
However, that should not dissuade us from finding the truth about propolis. What we need to know is just whether it has any real medical benefits. we just want to know if it is just a useless part of the beehive or a substance that could be used to treat humans as much as it has been used to treat the bees.
From these literatures, we can only made two confirmed claims.
One is it is beneficial in treating dental problems. In fact, doctors have actually been using propolis solution as a standard liquid in dental surgeries. The solution is considered natural, safe and a valuable secondary treatment to treat gum diseases or wounds. A few studies done have shown that propolis help reduce the number of days needed for a wound to heal. That is one truth about propolis.
The second reliable and confirmed truth about propolis is the fact that it is an effective antibiotic. A study done in Australia has actually shown propolis to be multiplying the effectiveness of antibiotic by up to 100 folds. This study paved a way for more studies on the probability of combining propolis with antibiotics in the near future. This will help reduce the number of side effects associated with antibiotics since a smaller dose of antibiotic can be used alongside propolis to achieve the same effect.
Apart from these two benefits of propolis, there are a few more that warrant our attention. However, the number of research done on the effect of propolis on other diseases is still considered small to warrant our attention.
That are the two simple truth about propolis. It is not a snake's oil like some claimed. And it is also not a wonder drug some health maniac want us to believe. It simply is a substance worth studying more for the benefit of the masses in the near future.
There are a few more propolis benefits for the public. If you need to know more, head on to the Propolis Center. Make sure you also check the page on propolis side effects. You do not want a swollen face just because you neglect to read that part.


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The Study

Four patients, a 36 year old male and 3 females (42, 46, 51 years) with dental calculus, gingivitis, oedema, bleeding, gingival recession, pocket depths, attachment loss, suppuration, tooth mobility and alveolar bone loss were treated using Brazilian propolis gel treatment .
At the same time, dental brushing and mouth washing with propolis solution daily was also carried out through during their 5 weeks treatment.
The results shown a regression of 95% gingivitis and suppuration in all the teeth irrigated with Brazilian propolis, as well as a pocket depths reduction in all unsubmitted and submitted teeth.

The Conclusion

The results suggested that 10% Brazilian Propolis gel could be used as an alternative therapeutic method for the treatment of chronic teeth problems. However, further research with greater number of test subjects are needed before propolis can be established as an alternative approach for peridontal infectious conditions.
Researchers: Renata Cairo do Amaral, Rafael Tomaz Gomes, Wellington Márcio Santos Rocha, Sheila Lemos Rago Abreu, Vagner Rodrigues Santos.
Laboratory of Microbiology and Biomaterials, School of Dentistry, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


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In order to see the health benefits of this bee product, we dug scientific journals. Let’s see how modern medical science conforms with ancient folk wisdom.

Improving Immune System

Professor S. Scheller, the head of a team of four doctors at the Institute for Microbiology at the Medical Academy in Poland found that propolis is able to stimulate the immune system.
It works by increasing the formation of antibodies to build our body resistance to diseases and by stimulating our body to release chemicals that protects us from cellular deterioration.
He also concluded that other benefits include improved physical, intellectual and sexual performance as well as making injured tissue heal faster.
The study also concluded that propolis is not a toxic substance.

Treat Burns

It can also be used in treating second degree burns. Research showed that propolis cream gave about the same result as normally prescribed cream.
But it also has another added benefit. It reduces inflammation of the burnt skin.
Believed to be a result of a substance called arginine, other studies have also supported this finding.
These studies have also concluded that propolis also stimulates enzyme systems, cell metabolism, circulation and collagen formation.

Increase Fertility

One isolated study had tested the benefit of propolis on women with infertility and endometriosis. The study indicated that consumption of 500mg of the substance twice daily resulted in pregnancy rate of 60% as opposed to 20% for women not given propolis.

Potential Cancer Drug

A report published in the Cancer Research (Sep 15,93;53 1482-88) stated that caffeic acids in propolis might help prevent colon cancer.
The study expose rats to cancer chemical agents and study the effects of rats given propolis and those without the propolis diet. It found that caffeic acids in the bee product prevented the formation of pre cancerous tissues in rats.
Another study done in 1990 had also reported that propolis acted against ovary cancer in hamster and sarcoma-type tumors in mice.
Read some studies done on propolis and it’s ability to fight cancer here.

Bowel Problems

This bee substance could also help patients suffering from inflammatory bowel problems — like Chron’s disease and ulceration colitis.
In June 2001, Dr. Ralph Golan in his article published in the Townsend Letters For Doctors reported that ulceration colitis was found to responde well to bee propolis therapy.